Support & FAQ

for the PARI Connect system


Support & FAQ

for the PARI Connect system


Watch the following videos (video content will be expanded gradually) to get support for your PARI Connect system consisting of the PARI Connect® app and the eTrack® Controller.

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Frequently asked questions

The PARI Connect system helps you to document your treatment continuously. It consists of the eTrack® Controller (medical device), which is used for nebulization of inhalation solutions, and the PARI Connect® application. The eTrack Controller is suitable for use with nebulizer handsets with eFlow® Technology (e.g., eFlow®rapid). In coordination with your healthcare professionals, the app is the perfect complement for the daily administration and documentation of your individual treatment. This is because it can be connected to the eTrack Controller and used to share your data with healthcare professionals (& others) that you chose to share it with. This way, you always have all your treatment data at a glance. The functions of the PARI Connect app are as follows:

  • Presentation of your treatment plan
  • Individually adjustable reminder functions
  • Statistical analysis area of the recorded data
  • Automatic reporting function for sharing information with your healthcare professionals or people you chose to support you
  • Diary function
  • “Buddy system” for family and friends to provide treatment support

We are aware of our responsibility towards you and your data. That is why we always treat your data with the utmost care and in compliance with the applicable data protection regulations.

The PARI Connect application transfers the data to a server managed by PARI in the AWS cloud. The AWS Cloud ensures secure storage and provides you with the functions you want in the application. For security purposes and to protect the transmission of sensitive content, data is encrypted for transfer, preventing the data being transmitted from being read by unauthorized third parties. The data is also stored encrypted on the server.

Questions about the eTrack® Controller

The eTrack Controller is a controller suitable for use with nebulizer handsets incorporating PARI’s eFlow® Technology (e.g., eFlow®rapid), and is used to control all the functions required for nebulization.

The eTrack Controller has an additional data transfer function: nebulization data can be stored in the eTrack Controller and transmitted to the PARI Connect app in two different ways:

  1. Via the PARI Connect® app on your smartphone using the Bluetooth®
  2. Automatically directly from the eTrack controller using your Wi-Fi network. 

For hygienic reasons, and taking into account that the eTrack Controller stores nebulization data which we do not want to confuse between patients, it should only be used by one patient.

To connect the app to the eTrack Controller, follow these steps:

The app requires permission to use Bluetooth®. First, go to the settings area of your mobile phone and make sure Bluetooth is enabled. If you are asked, please confirm this request. If you are using an Android smartphone, enable the corresponding permissions so that the PARI Connect® application can access your location.

Next, turn on the eTrack Controller and bring it near to your phone. Open the PARI Connect application and select the eTrack Controller you want to connect the application to. Once the Bluetooth pairing is started the PIN code appears on the eTrack Controller screen. Enter the PIN of the eTrack Controller into the app. When you do this, the controller and the app are connected and the app opens the home screen.

When you add a medication to the treatment plan in the app, you can enable the transmission of the medication to the eTrack Controller. After you add the medication to the treatment plan and synchronize the application with the eTrack Controller, the medication appears in the inhalation selection menu on the eTrack Controller screen.

Once the PARI Connect app is open, the eTrack controller is switched on and connected via Bluetooth®, and the data is stored in the eTrack controller for transfer, the app will ask you if you want to synchronise. If you confirm the synchronization, the application transfers the inhalation data from the eTrack Controller, synchronizes the time and updates the medication in the eTrack Controller. The app then marks the corresponding inhalations in the daily summary as done. 

You can also confirm the synchronization during an inhalation. In this case, the application detects the inhalation and does not sync the data until the inhalation is finished. Please do not turn off the eTrack Controller while synchronization is in progress. 

It is also possible to connect your eTrack controller directly to your Wi-Fi network. Doing this will mean that the inhalation data synchronizes even without the app to be opened. To do this, configure your Wi-Fi network in the device settings of your eTrack controller within the PARI Connect app. 

The eTrack Controller only displays medication if you have added medications to the therapy plan within the PARI Connect® app and then synced the treatment plan. Medications entered in the treatment plan are displayed on the eTrack Controller when “Transfer to eTrack Controller” is selected in the treatment plan and the application is then synced to the eTrack Controller.

Data is stored indefinitely in the eTrack Controller until the internal storage module is full (2000 inhalation records). When the storage module is full, the oldest records are overwritten. 

You can take your eTrack Controller with you whenever and wherever you travel. The only special feature you should be aware of when documenting your inhalations is the time set on the eTrack Controller. Every time the eTrack Controller syncs with the PARI Connect® app, the smartphone transmits the date and time from the eTrack Controller. So, if you travel to a different time zone, the eTrack Controller’s time will be updated for that zone when you sync for the first time. Therefore, to properly document your treatments, we recommend that you sync your eTrack Controller with the app before you perform a first nebulization abroad. 

The nebulization itself is exactly the same and therefore the delivered dose and the nebulization time are identical for inhalations in easycare mode and in inhalation mode. However, the nebulization is not displayed in the PARI Connect® app if you have selected the easycare mode by mistake and this will affect your documented therapies.

The eTrack Controller can only send data to the connected PARI Connect® app and not to other Bluetooth devices.

Questions about the PARI Connect® application

Due to safety reasons we advise to always use the newest version of your Android or Apple smartphone.

You can add any type of medication to your treatment plan, both inhaled and over-the-counter medications. Also, when adding these medications, you can set whether they should be transferred to the eTrack® Controller and whether you want to be reminded when it is time to take them.

To add a medication to the treatment plan in the PARI Connect app, you do the following:

Use the calendar icon in the top right corner of the daily overview to start entering new medications into your treatment plan.

Click the “+” sign in the planning view to add a new medication.

A new page opens that allows you to enter the name of the medication, as well as a note, medication type, dosage form and dosing schedule. If you add a medication that you want to inhale using the eTrack® Controller, activate “Transfer to eTrack Controller” and click “Next”.

Choose how often you have been prescribed to take this medication. You can choose between daily, every x days, certain days of the week, a single dose and an ON/OFF mode, then  press “Next”.

  • Set the time you want to take the medicine by pressing the corresponding field on the screen.
  • If you have to take the medication more than once a day, you can set multiple times by pressing the “+” sign next to the time field.
  • Select the date you want to add the medication to your treatment plan and, if necessary, an end date if you are only taking it for a limited period of time. You can also add medication breaks and set reminders for them.
  • If you turn on reminders, you will receive a message from the PARI Connect app 15 minutes before each scheduled dose to remind you to take your medication. Click “Next”.
  • In the last step, a summary appears that allows you to double-check the information you entered before adding the medication to your treatment plan.
  • If they are correct and you wish to add the medication, click ‘Save’.

It is not possible to manually document medications that are inhaled with the eTrack Controller in the app. The PARI Connect app automatically mark inhalations as done transferred from the eTrack Controller in the daily summary when the app and the controller are synchronized and you have taken the scheduled  treatment.

It is important for the treatment that inhalations are performed completely. Therefore, nebulisations shorter than 60 seconds will be considered incomplete, will not be displayed in the app, and will not be taken into account when calculating percentage of completed treatments. 

The daily overview in the PARI Connect app includes 4 icons that inform you of the status of your medication intake:

  • “PENDING” (grey check mark): you have not yet inhaled the medication or transferred the data to the app.
  • “COMPLETED” (green check mark): you have already inhaled the medication and transferred the data to the app.
  • “EXTRA INHALATION” (grey drop icon): You have taken more inhalations with the medication than you have planned. 
  • “FORGOTTEN” (red exclamation mark): You have not inhaled the medication or transferred the data to the app.

If you have only scheduled one inhalation for the relevant drug for the current day and you have only recorded one inhalation with this drug on that day, this inhalation is assigned to the scheduled inhalation and is automatically marked in the daily summary, regardless of the time at which you performed the inhalation. 

If you have not scheduled an inhalation for the current day, but you take an inhalation anyway, it appears in the daily summary with the status “Additional inhalation”. 

If you have scheduled two inhalations for the current day and you have taken one inhalation before the first scheduled inhalation or between the two scheduled inhalations, the inhalation taken is assigned to the first scheduled inhalation and is marked automatically. 

If you have scheduled two inhalations for the current day, have already taken the first inhalation, and take another inhalation that is between these two scheduled inhalations, the application checks whether this inhalation is closer to the first or second scheduled inhalation:

If the inhalation is closer to the first inhalation already marked as taken, that inhalation appears with the status “Additional Inhalation” in the app. 

If the inhalation is closer to the second scheduled inhalation that you have not yet taken, the inhalation is automatically marked as “Taken”.

If your doctor cannot see your data through the PARItrack Dashboard or CFHealthHub you can generate a report as a PDF file in the analysis tab of the PARI Connect app and send it to your doctor via email directly from the App. Of course, it is possible to send a report to anyone. To do so, proceed as described below:

  • In the analysis area, first select the time period you want to show in the report, such as a week, a month, a quarter or a year.
  • Scroll down and click Share, if you are using an Android smartphone.
    • If you’re using an iOS smartphone, select the icon with the leaf and arrow in the upper-left corner.
  • Choose whether you want the report to include treatment plans, medication intake, history of lung function or other clinical parameters, or data about your activities or quality of life. Then click “Next”.
  • Specify whether you want to send the report once or periodically.
    • If you select once, the report is generated for the time period you have selected in the analysis area of the application.
    • If you want to send the report periodically, select how often you want to send the report. This step also sets the time period over which the report will be generated. For example, if you set the report to be sent every 30 days, the recipient will receive a report every 30 days for the last 30 days. Define the start date and, if necessary, an end date, then click “Next”.
  • Finally, specify the name and email address of the recipient to whom you want to send the report.

Please note that the data is your confidential health information, so you should only send it to people you trust to help you with your treatment, such as your doctor, family or close friends. Make sure you have entered the email address correctly.

The application allows you to configure the content to be displayed in the report. You can choose to include treatment plans, drugs taken, history of your lung function values or other clinical parameters, or information about your activities or quality of life.

For data protection reasons, apart from the content you have selected, only the name and email address you specified in the application registration process will be displayed in the reports.

The period to which the report refers is set by specifying in the application how often the report should be sent. The report always covers the last defined reporting period. If you are only going to send the report once, you will be directed to choose the period for which the report is to be produced.

The report is not displayed in the app. If you want to view the report yourself, please email a copy to yourself before sending it to others. This way, you can also add annotations if necessary.

You can send a report to anyone you want or invite someone to join you as a “friend”.

If you change your mobile phone, you can re-download the app and log in with the username and password you have used up to now. As the data is stored centrally in the cloud, nothing is lost and it can be displayed on the new phone as well. As soon as you try to synchronise data with the new phone, the eTrack® controller will start the pairing process. You will then need to enter the PIN code displayed on the eTrack controller in the app.

To download the app, scan the corresponding QR code.