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PARI Connect system


PARI Connect system

eTrack PARI Connect System

The PARI Connect system helps you with your treatment. Developed to be as simple as possible, it supports you with your daily treatment routine.


Your inhaled treatment always in sight

Particularly serious respiratory diseases, such as cystic fibrosis, not only pose a great number of challenges for you as a patient, but also for your family members. Your daily inhaled treatment is important and essential to maintaining your quality of life.

However, your daily treatment routine requires a great deal of time, organization and, above all, dedication. To preserve your health, you need to maintain an ongoing exchange with your healthcare professionals.

Additionally, it is also important to understand your treatment and, above all, to have the support of your family and friends. To achieve this, the innovative PARI Connect system supports you to get most benefit from the digital networking and monitoring capabilities offered by intelligent devices.

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The PARI Connect system

  • Helps you to organize your treatment.

  • Reminds you to follow your treatment plan.

  • Allows you to share aspects related to your treatment with your doctor, your physiotherapist or with your family and friends.

  • Motivates you and supports you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through your daily treatment routine.

The eTrack® Controller

The eTrack Controller is a medical device with new functionality. For example, it has an additional memory module, a clock, and a Bluetooth® [kursiv] module that allows inhalation data to be saved and transmitted to the PARI Connect® app.

This data is automatically synced with the PARI Connect app:

  • Date and time of your inhalation.

  • Inhalation duration.

  • Name of the inhaled medication, as entered in the treatment plan and as displayed on the eTrack Controller screen.

The eTrack Controller is suitable for use with nebulizers equipped with eFlow® Technology.

el etrack controller

Download the PARI Connect® app here

The PARI Connect app: your personal gateway to sharing your inhalation data

The PARI Connect app for Android and iOS has been specifically developed to be used in conjunction with your eTrack Controller. Once you have installed the app on your smartphone and connected it to the eTrack Controller, you can easily track and organize all your treatment activities. 

Customizable treatment plans and reminder features will help you keep track of your treatment as well as manage and document it properly. The statistics provided will keep you up to date on what you have achieved.

More information about the PARI Connect app can be found
in the Quick-Guide of the app or in the Support & FAQ section.

To download the app, scan the corresponding QR code.